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Wooden Tangram Shapes Puzzle - Montessori Toy for Early Education

Wooden Tangram Shapes Puzzle - Montessori Toy for Early Education

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Get smarter and more creative with this tangram puzzle!

Solve the puzzle with shapes!

This is a montessori /educational toy for children and kids. The children need to follow the diagram shown in the card and rebuild with the exact same pattern which represents an object in real life. It is a game, a gift, present for birthday, or simply a toy for your children at home.  It can be a puzzle to solve or a quiz to answer depending on how you play the game. Ideal for home, playroom, school or nursery use. 


  • Helps children with identification skills - These cards show a lot of objects, shapes, alphabets, number, colors and etc. This helps the children to start identifying those things in the early age which gives them an advantage in pre-school or primary school.
  • Developing problem-solving skill - Children will need to evaluate the game and think while they are sorting the pieces. This puzzle challenges the mind of children.
  • Confidence boost for kids- Use this opportunity to praise your children if they did well with the puzzle, helping them learn how to recognize when they do well and feel proud of themselves. Nurtures their confidence and sense of self!
  • Foster a better relationship - When the parents are helping their children and play together, it generates conversation or teamwork which is crucial for social development.
  • Valuable play time - This game has more than 80 puzzles to be solved so you could keep playing it with your children. It provides enough play time and value so your children wouldn't get bored with the same game every time.

Suitable Age - Above 3 years old
Material - Wood
Pieces thickness - 6.195mm
Puzzle number - 110
Packing List - 7 pcs tangram piece with cards in an iron box


You have more than just 1 way to play!

  1. The first way is to just have your children re-create what shown in the card. Give them any card and have them sort the pieces accordingly.
  2. The second way is to finish the puzzle yourself, then ask your children to identify the object from the piles of cards.
  3. You can have your own rules. Don't limit yourself!


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